Professional Cosmetic Tubes Manufacturer


ECOWAY is a professional cosmetic soft tubes manufacturer, our factory is located in Jiangdu, Yangzhou, China.


ECOWAY is always focusing on the production and customization of cosmetics, skincare and personal care, oral care, pharmaceutical and more fields packaging tubes. We make the packaging tubes you use every day – from daily wash tubes, daily cream tubes, lip gloss tubes, eye cream tubes, makeup tubes, sunscreen packaging tubes to ointment tubes, grease tubes and many other fields packaging tubes.

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We have 3 sets of 6 color offset printing machine, 4 sets sealing machine, 5 sets heading machine, 2 sets tube extruding 星光彩票怎么注册, 2 sets cap screwing machine, 2 sets silk screen 星光彩票怎么注册 and 1 set of labeling machine. About moulds, we can produce tube diameters from 16mm to 50mm while capacity from 3ml to 400ml. And our production capacity is 8 million tubes per month.

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We constantly develop our company, so as to provide you with the highest-quality plastic tube packaging.